Special Sessions

CC 1. Analysis, Modelling and Design of Masonry Structures
Professor Bassam A Izzuddin, Dr Lorenzo Macorini and Dr Corrado Chisari, UK

CC 2. Computational Developments for Railway Applications
Professor Joao Pombo, UK, Dr Enrico Meli, Italy, Dr. Pedro Antunes, UK and Dr Valeri Markine, The Netherlands

CC 3. Linear and Non-Linear Dynamics
Dr Jiri Naprstek, Czech Republic and Professor J.R. Banerjee, UK

CC 4. Computational Issues for Sustainable Urban Environments
Dr Anatoli Vassiljev, Estonia

CC 5. Multi-Hazard Performance-Based Design of Structures
Dr A. Palmeri, UK

CC 6. Computational Masonry Modelling
Professor Gabriele Milani, Professor Antonio Formisano and Professor Francesco Clementi Italy

CC 7. Multiscale, Multiphase and Multiphysics Modelling of Geomaterials
Professor C. Majorana and Dr V. Salomoni, Italy

CC 8. Advances in Multilayered Composites Modelling for Aerospace, Marine, and Automotive Applications.
Dr Alexander Tessler, USA, Professor Marco Di Sciuva, Italy and Professor Marco Gherlone, Italy

CC 9. Analysis, Modelling and Design of Timber Structures
Dr Hexin Zhang, Scotland, UK

CC 10. Dynamics, Control, and Identification of Structural Systems
Dr. Carmine Pappalardo and Dr Marco C. De Simone, Italy

CC 11. Seismic Design, Assessment and Retrofitting of Structures
Professor Humberto Varum, Portugal

CC 12. Modelling (Multi-Phase) Porous Media
Professor Eduard Rohan, Czech Republic

CC 13. Modelling of Composite Materials and Structures
Dr D. Yang, UK

CC 14. Computer Software Development for the Next and Future Eurocodes
Professor John W. Bull, UK

CC 15. High Performance Computing for Engineering Simulation and Design
Professor P. Ivanyi, Hungary

CC 16. Structural Health Monitoring and Model Updating for Heritage Structures
Dr M.Girardi, Italy, Professor P.B. Lourenco, Portugal, Dr M.G.Masciotta, Portugal and Dr. D. Pellegrini, Italy

CC 17. Theory and Applications of Nanomechanics
Professor Ginevra Salerno, Italy and Professor Nicola L. Rizzi, Italy

CC 18. Reduced Order Modelling for Data Assimilation in Structural Health Monitoring
Professor Alberto Corigliano, Professor Andrea Manzoni and Professor Stefano Mariani, Italy

CC 19. Structural Control and Heath Monitoring of Bridges
Professor L.M. Simoes and Professor Fernando Ferreira, Portugal

CC 20. Space, Tension and Tensegrity Structures
Professor Stanislav Kmet, Slovakia

CC 21. Multiscale and Multiphysics Modelling for Complex Materials (MMCM13)
Professor Patrizia Trovalusci, Dr Nicholas Fantuzzi and Dr Egidio Lofrano, Italy

CC 22. Structural Analysis of Steel and Steel-Concrete Composite Structures
Professor J.G. Santos da Silva, Brazil and Professor L.F. Costa Neves, Portugal

CC 23. Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering of Buildings, Bridges and Critical Infrastructure
Professor A. Sextos, UK

CC 24. Railway Induced Vibrations on Bridges and Building Structures
Dr M.D. Martinez-Rodrigo, Spain

CC 25. Analysis and Assessment of Industrial Heritage Buildings and Structures
Dr Jiri Brozovsky, Czech Republic

CC 26. Efficient and Reliable Probabilistic and Non-Traditional Approaches for dealing with Uncertainty
Dr E. Patelli, UK, Dr M.A. Valdebenito, Chile, Dr M. Broggi, Germany and Professor M. Beer, Germany

CC 27. Computational Efficient Models for Non-Linear Inelastic Analysis of Building Frameworks
Professor Cosmin Chiorean, Romania and Professor Ricardo Silveira, Brazil

CC 28. Uncertainty Quantification in Simulation and Design of Large Civil Engineering Systems
Dr Pengfei Wei, China, Dr Sifeng Bi, Germany and Professor Michael Beer, Germany

CC 29. Novel Stochastic Dynamics Methodologies for Civil Engineering Applications
Dr Ioannis P. Mitseas, Germany, Professor Michael Beer, Germany, Professor Ioannis A. Kougioumtzoglou, USA and Professor Jianbing Chen, Germany

CC 30. Experimental, Numerical and Analytical Issues on Structural Safety and Strengthening of Masonry Arch Structures
Dr. Danila Aita, Dr. Nicola Cavalagli, Dr. Paolo Zampieri and Dr. Mariano Zanini, Italy

CC 31. Probabilistic Approaches to Structural Mechanics
Professor A. El-Hami, France and Professor B. Radi, Morocco

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