Keynote speaker

Dr Stephen Hendry, Arup, UK
-Managing complexity in structural analysis

Invited speakers

  • Dr Pedro Antunes, University of Huddersfield, UK
    -Multibody/finite element co-simulation method for multidisciplinary applications in railway dynamics
  • Professor Mark Bradford, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Dr Stephane Lejeunes, Aix-Marseille University CNRS, France
    -On space-time methods based on isogeometric analysis for structural analysis
  • Professor Carmelo Majorana, University of Padova, Italy
    -Constitutive models for concrete at the mesoscale and interfacial cohesive laws
  • Professor Valerie Markine, TU Delft, The Netherlands
    -Optimising performance of DEM model for analysis of ballast behaviour
  • Dr Gabriele Milani, Technical University of Milan, Italy
    -Out-of-plane homogenized failure surfaces of masonry through a novel voxel approach
  • Dr Alessandro Palmeri, Loughborough University, UK
    -Improving the seismic performance of buildings through dynamic interaction with secondary structures
  • Professor Michal Šejnoha, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
    -Evaluation of moisture induced strains in spruce based on homogenization and Bayesian inference
  • Professor Anastasios Sextos, University of Bristol, UK
    -An expert mobile and web App for Rapid Visual Inspection of schools in developing countries located in seismic regions
  • Professor Patrizia Trovalusci, University of Rome Italy
    -Materials with anisotropic microstructure as micropolar continua, statical and dynamical simulations
  • Dr Pengfei Wei, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany
    -Non-intrusive imprecise stochastic simulation for mixed uncertainty quantification

Conference delegates are also able to attend the invited talks by speakers at CIVIL-COMP-OPTI 2019: The Fifth International Conference on Soft Computing and Optimisation in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

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